A Social Platform for Sephora's Makeup Experts

What is Aspire?

The task was to design an intervention that would create a compelling experience that is consistent with the brand of the client and relevant to the target audience.

The project involved a rigorous iterative process, which required in-depth research on domain, client, and audience, ideation, brand alignment, deriving interactions, and translating these elements to interface design and features. Bridging between Sephora's digital and brand strategies, and the knowledge- and skill-sharing communities that developed online organically was created.

Aspire is that bridge mobile application designed to create a compelling experience for the beauty insiders of Sephora, by allowing them to showcase their expertise in a unique and unconventional way but yet still developing that sense of skill-sharing and knowledge building Community.

Talk Brands,
Know Brands,
Try Brands

Beauty insiders established a thriving culture online that centers around shared activities: KNOWING, TRYING and TALKING about brands and makeup use. Working with insights we had found through our extensive research into Sephora’s brand, we developed our opening, inspiring expertise by creating a culture around product use. In order to inspire expertise, we needed to create a platform through which experts are able to both showcase and teach beginners who want to learn.

Brand Experience

We want to ensure we are addressing all the touch-points where the consumer will have the desired brand experience. Connecting the consumer with our products and service to engage them and deliver a positive and seamless experience that they will later on reverberate. This helps us make sure we are creating a brand experience that is " form + content + context / time ".


The process development involved hours of ideation, brainstorming, research, form exploration, prototyping and polishing. Post-its, whiteboards and paper (and caffeine) fueled our iterative process throughout the five week duration of the project. Sketching helped a lot in outlining the interactions we needed for the features we derived from the programmatic interactions.


Looking from a holistic vantage point, we wanted to consider how our consumers were being served before and after the new design. Therefore the design itself has to work and address the behaviour of consumers over time. Aspire would be a service that aims to complement the existing brand experience, and fit within current infrastructure of touchpoints.

Giving web users a dose of brands

Social media users that have their curiousity piqued by posted looks in their feed will have the option to click the link and learn more about Aspire and what it has to offer. The web landing page affords them detailed brand and product information, but still offers a glimpse at the social functions.

Extending expert reach via cross posting, Post-service sharing and Pre-service discovery

Aspire users will be able to share their looks across multiple channels by selecting connected social media services at the time of their post creation. This will allow expert users to further their reach and credibility as beauty authorities, while introducing newcomers to the platform’s offerings.