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I'm Guramrit Singh. An User Experience / Interaction Designer from Vancouver, Canada. Passionate for digital and physical interfaces and interactions.

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I love to design things that matter.

My passion and focus is in bringing humanity to digital experiences through architecting solutions that serve a real, tangible purpose to people and businesses. Awards, egos and personal bias always come second to creating something that simply delivers as promised.

My background is in design and art direction, but as experience has shown me, most design projects are not set up for success from the beginning. This has driven me to find ways to help lay the foundation for success in design through the tenets of user experience.

Research, prototyping and testing are at the core of where I focus my energy, in order to avoid solutions created in a vacuum.

The facets of my typical responsibilities include: user interviews, requirements gathering, information architecture, wireframing, interaction design, prototyping and user testing. I also have a large background in user interface design, print design and environmental design.

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My Specialities


Passionate for designing beautiful, functional experiences and interactions that unite vision, technology and behaviour.


Focused on writing clean, elegant and efficient code. Loves HTML5, CSS3, WordPress and a touch of jQuery.


Making sure that design always has the primary attention it needs.

Made with Love

Every project is produced with a sense of dedication and love to make sure it is the best it can be.

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