A quick and easy dance mixer with friends


As part of a third year course in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, we were asked to research an existing group and determine a design solution for their needs. We specifically designed a set of cultural probes for our participants that would give us important knowledge about their everyday lives. Some of the activities involved submitting playlist of the type of music they listen to, mapping out the places they visited in the week and also keeping a journal of summaries of their daily activites. Our chosen group, a local hip-hop dance crew, provided us with information which we summarized, analyzed, and synthesized.


After receiving the cultural probes from our social group, we quickly developed two main personas from the data. Once formed, we moved onto informances and scenarios (journey frameworks) which helped us gather a greater understanding of our social group and their context of use. From there we identified a design intervention that filled an identified need throughout the group: an iPhone application that allowed users to learn choreography and share music using their existing processes.


Establishing the idea for an iPhone application was only the first step. We reunited with our social group and conducted a participatory design workshop to explore layouts, interaction, and interest in our solution. Taking their feedback into consideration, we developed a complete set of wireframes that were used as a prototype for usability testing. Finally, after refining the designs, we delivered a final visual mockups and a video demonstrating the use of our proposed application, official titled 'Mixin'.