Revolutionizing the note taking culture, one note at a time....


While the project does not explore new or innovative ideas, it provides a service which is currently lacking. While there are many sticky note or notepad applications that function well, none of the applications that we tested effectively communicate with the goggle calendar system and have efficient and eye pleasing UI. Android offers a calendar event widget, but they don’t allow the ease of note creation and flexibility that we hope to achieve with our proposed idea. Our application would ideally allow users to make notes that can either be saved locally to the memory card or saved as an event to the calendar depending on the user goals.


Working closely with concept maps, flows, and wireframes, we rapidly prototyped high-fidelity layouts. Focusing functionality allowed us to reduce the interface to a bare minimum and place emphasis on core interactions that we would like to adopt and implement. From there we identified a design intervention that filled an identified need and began the tiring process of actually coding the application. We had encountered numerous problems like data storing, privacy and widget problems which allowed us to go back to the drawing board and see what was actually going wrong.



Noti an application that goes back to basics in terms of taking down notes. It fills the need of users who just want to make a quick and easy note or a to-do list and maybe quickly refer back to it later instead of having to open a calendar to hunt down the date and go through the various events or to-do list to find that particular one. The Noti app, will provide the most recent notes or to-do list on the provided widget for easy access and viewerbility. With the provided widget, users will have quick control tools like the new note, current list, delete note and add media. With this quick control tools, the user can trigger right from the home screen without having to open the app first.